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Make More Sales on Your Website With Just a Single Line of Code’’

…Turn your website into a leads and sales getting machine in 60 seconds
using a Never Seen Before Call-to-action Video Pop up Funnel

  • Beautiful 100% mobile responsive video pop ups that 3x Opt In Rates and Doubles Sales 
  • Easily Integrates with your favourite autoresponder so you can start building funnels with your video pop ups right away!
    • Quickly Grab Visitors attention and force them to take action with already made videopop templates with cool animations.
    • Easy To Use. Simply Drag, Drop and Deploy With a Single code
    • Cloud Based App , No Installation.

    Normal Price: $67/month 
     Launch Special One-Time Price!

    In A Recent Campaign 1 Line of ‘’Close Trigger’’ Viddipop code Turned 427 Abandoning Web Visitor into Leads & Coughed out an Extra $2,883.65 in 4 days! 

    See the AWESOME results from our beta users 

    Now See Real Results From Our Beta Users Already
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    "If you want to consistently generate steady income from your website, ecom store or blogs, then Viddipop is a must have tool. it combines the most powerful marketing element in a single line of code – Video, Pop ups & Funnels"

    Rudy Radra, Internet Marketer

    "Viddipop is an amazing cool software and a must have tool for any serious website owner thats want to generate steady income online."

    Amit Gaikwad, Marketer

    "Very impressive software and easy to use. customer retention is very important, viddipop engage your users with call-to-action video that give them discounts, coupons, upsells and lots more...."

    Victory Akomedaiye,
    Super Affiliate Marketer

    "Viddipop is amazing, I was able to get 212 leads from my ecommerce site after installing viddipop on it"

    Seyiman, Ecommerce

    "Viddipop is very powerful! it allow you to convert more website visitors to leads and sales - this alone will make your website more profitable than ever. Thanks to the team behind this. I highly recommend you use this on your website as well’’"

    Misan Morrison, Top Marketer

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    Morgan, Blogger

    Tripple Your Leads & Sales In Minutes With This
    CALL-TO-ACTION VIDEO Pop Up Funnel Technology In Simple Steps.

    Step 1

    Setup Your Campaign
    (Take less than 2 minutes)

    Step 2

    Copy Code To Your Website
    (its just that magical…)

    Step 3

    Get Leads & Sales Fast
    (Instant result there is no waiting)

    Dear marketer;
    There are just two types of marketers in the world.

    The marketer who struggles to generate leads,make sales consistently and barely breaks even…

    …and another kind of marketer who have mastered how to grow their list fast…build a fanatic followership of paying customers in the hundreds and thousands, and knows exactly how to turn their websites into a 24/7 cash generating machine that pumps money on autopilot…

    If You Are Not Getting Massive Results from Your Marketing Right Now

    The reason these ‘’elite marketers’’ can get more results than you do is simply because they know some really cool little hacks you probably don’t use in your marketing right now that immediately holds the attention of their web visitors and literally forces them to take action.

    But What If You Can Have All Their Strategies, All Their ‘’Secret Techniques’’ And All Their ‘’Little Inner Circle Tricks’’ In Just One Single Line Of Code.

    Imagine if all your lead generation, low sales and low conversion problems can all go away with just a single line of code that you can simply copy, paste on your website and - boom – You instantly boost your conversion and begin to make more sales from your website.

    Right Now it’s All Changing…

    The attention span of website visitors is declining at an alarming rate. Right now most users stick around your offer less than 59 seconds…

    …which means you have only less than 1 minute to grab their attention, hold it, and get them to take action. If you don’t, they are gone forever – and possibly NEVER to return on your website again

    This Is Why Despite All the Decent Clicks You Are Getting
    & All the Traffic You Are Paying for,
    Very little are Converting to Leads & Sales!

    Getting ‘em To Come Is Easy, Making ‘em Stay and Buy Is the Hard Part!

    Honestly, if  Getting ENOUGH TRAFFIC is what bring HUGE SALES, then all everyone you know should be smiling to the bank right now. Belive me i thought i was the only one having this "GETTING TRAFFIC but NO SALES" problem, until i came across people frurstrated, stranded and going broke trying to get sales from their website and ecom stores. 

    The Main Problem Right Now is that 70%- 90% Of Your Web Traffic Are Going Right to the Dustbin…

    If you send 500 visitors to your offer, and it converts at 5% you have lost a whopping 475 potential customers.

    If you send in 1000, and it converts at 10%, you have lost 900 chances to make an extra money from that single offer.

    If having your website outrightly leak money this way is okay by you, then good luck.

    But imagine the results you can get if you can increase your conversion rate, no matter how small it is. Or how big.

    If you want to plug in the leaks right now, save your traffic, convert more web visitors and instantly push up your ROI then allow videopop slide in and do the work for you…


    New Breakthrough Software That Turns Your Website Into
    Leads & Sales Getting Machine Using Never Seen Before Call-To-
    Action Video Pop Up Funnels

    • Strong Attention Grabbing Call to Action Videos.
    • Rolled Into Badass Pops that…
    • …Beautifully Slides Up On Your Web Visitors and Draws Them Into A Funnel So You Can Retain, Upsell, Bond With Them and Ultimately Triple Your Conversion and Sales.
    • Simply Drag and Drop Then Deploy With Just A Line Of Code!

    WATCH Viddipop In Action Below (DEMO)

    Normal Price: $67/month 
     Launch Special One-Time Price!

    Now You Can:

    • Quickly hold the attention of abandoning visitors and turn them into customers.
    • Stop shoppers from abandoning cart.
    • Increase conversion rate on your marketing campaigns by over 224%.
    • Monitor visitor behavior on your sites and present tailored offers to them based on their actions.
    • Build your email list faster, get up to 70% opt-in rate on your lead capture pages.
    • Giveaway discounts, coupons, trial offers and close more sales by any means necessary.
    • Simply place the code on any page you want and convert your visitors into paying customers.

    See How To Use Viddipop In Your Businesses Today!

    Ecommerce Owner - Close More Sales On Your Ecom Store Easily 

    Sell Off More Products & Close More Sales With Our Behavioural Trigger Technology on your Ecom Store. This alone made over $ 5, 670 fresh sales from visitors who were about to abandon an offer.

    Bloggers - Build Huge Subcribers Faster!
    Build your email list faster, get up to 70% opt-in rate on your blogs & lead capture pages.


    Giveaway FREE Gift on your website to retain visitors and turn them to life time customers.

    Offer Giveaway discounts, coupons, trial offers and close more sales by any means necessary.


    Use on your squeeze pages and sales pages.

    Can be used for your product launch offers, affiliate offers and to promote your webinars. Spike your e-commerce Sales Figure With Our Stunning & Attention Grabbing Viddipop Funnels and Collect More email leads on any page

    - Use our readymade videos to call out to visitors and get them to look at your special offers.

    - 3x your email leads and instantly blow your conversion rates through the roof

    No Matter How You Intend To Use Viddipop.
    It’s All The Same 3 Steps Easy Process.

    Easy to Use. Quickly Set Up and Deploy In Minutes. No Tech Knowledge Required

    Why Does It Work So Well?

    It uses two very simple yet proven powerful marketing principles

    Now imagine what will happen to your conversion if you begin to pop up call to action videos that puts people into a funnel! All that badass conversion tools rolled into one big monster smack right on your website!

    With this powerful too you can:

    • Gently ‘’startle’’ your visitors to take notice of your call to action in a really cute way, instantly holding their attention right before they start thinking of wandering off.
    • Instantly plug the leaks on your website and stop leaving money on the table with our behavioral trigger technology plus bad-ass high converting funnel system!
    • Stop wasting money on ads and having hundreds of those visitors leaving without taking action!
    • Boost your results. Stop looking at stats that don’t matter. Simply plug and play already proven Conversion tools and watch the Real stat that matter happen in your bank account!
    • Instantly boost your ‘’bank account stats’’, Retain more website visitors. Increase Your Sales.

    There Is Lots More You Can Do With Viddipop!

    Build and Edit Your Video Pop up Funnels in Real Time with Our Super Easy To Use Drag and Drop Feature.

    You can set up your video pop ups and attach them to your funnels. 100% Visual. Which means you see the changes you make to your video pop ups live on the page. No coding skill required. No need to refresh or reload. Simply drag, drop and deploy!

     3X Your Conversion with Our Laser Focused Behavioural Trigger Technology.

    Every web visitor behaves differently, and they are not really looking for the same thing. But the moment you determine exactly what is going on in their heads and what they want and then give it to them then they are more likely to take action. With our behavioural trigger technology you can target visitors with the right message at the right time to instantly boost your conversion rates. Present them with the right message using our Onclick triggers, Scroll Triggers and Delay Triggers to boost conversion, get leads and increase sales.

    Start Using Viddipop to Increase Your Opt ins and Bounce Your Sales off the Charts with Our One Click Code Generator.

    With Viddipop, the only work you will ever do is simply drag, drop and click and we’d handle the rest. With our one click code generator you bundle video pop up and funnel into one simple code you can paste on your website and start pulling in leads or getting your web visitors to take action.

    Choose From Our HUGE BANK of professional actors plus Done For You Templates, so you don’t have to use your own videos!

    You do not need to create funnels from scratch. We have already done that for you with our funnel templates you can choose from, edit the way you like and start using to get massive results from your business. Whatever you need – Lead generation Video Pop funnels, Webinar Sign Up Video Popup Funnels, Discount/Coupon VideoPop Funnels, Upsell Video POP Up funnels and lots more…

     Easily Integrate with Your Favourite Autoresponder.

    Easily Integrate with all the popular autoresponder services and have your web visitors and buyers funnelled into your list so you can bond, upsell and resell to them whenever you want. All major autoresponder supported – Aweber, Getresponse, Sendlane, Active Campaign, Mailchimp

     Onscroll Trigger - Get Them To Take Action at the Right Time.

     Track visitors who have scrolled to a point, or stayed on a page within a certain time without making a purchase and offer them an incentive to take action from our ‘’Incentive templates’’.

    This is your chance to get Viddipop for an
    Incredible Ultra-Reduced One-Time-Only Rate

    Normal Price: $67/month
    Early Bird Launch Special One-Time!


    That’s Not All! There Are Still More Cool Features You Can Find In Viddipop…

    • 100% Mobile Responsive Video Pop Ups That Perfectly Fits into Your Web Visitors Screen and Beckons Them to Take Action with an Attractive Wink
    • A Full Library of Already Done For You Spokesman Videos To Choose From
    • Easily Embed Your Own YouTube Videos and MP4s to your Video Popups

    And Lots More…

    Plus Our Super Exclusive Fast Action Box Of Bonuses If You Act Now

    Exclusive Bonus #1: FB Photo Contest APP  (Personal License)

    Contest and Promotions are best way to generate more leads and engage your fans.This photo contest app will help you capture user's real Facebook email as we get Facebook Permissions before users can vote or enter into contest. You can export the leads as CSV and use any email marketing software to promote your business / stay connected.Here are some cool features of FB Photo Contest:-

    • Facebook Permissions to capture real data of users.
    • Capture user's name and email even if they try to vote.
    • Download your leads as CSV [from admin panel].
    • Customizable slider images and logo.
    • Add / Remove links to social media.
    • Add GA tracking code to track traffic.
    • Control start and end dates of your contest.
    • Declare positions using admin panel.

    Exclusive Bonus #2: Page2App Builder (Personal License)

     This is a that will let you turn your facebook fanpages into a branded, independent, fully functional mobile app. There is no need to create and maintain your own back-end as the Facebook Page is used for this purpose... With this you can increase the brand awareness for your brand, products or services by exposing your business to a targeted audience on mobile and direct paying clients to reach you through direct actions such as “Call us now”, Send us an email, “Visit our Website”, “Get directions” etc.
    This app works seamlessly with your Facebook page with just one step configuration. Facebook is used as its one and only back-end to provide the app with all the data it needs. Each time your Facebook page is updated with your latest graphic jobs and prices, the app is automatically updated too. New posts, events and photos are displayed instantly in the app without any further action.

    Exclusive Bonus #3: Facebook Viral Coupon Machine + Walk-through Video (step-by-step guide)

    Facebook Viral Coupon Machine ? will get your coupons viral, just like its name says.
    By utilizing all the cool, powerful social features of Facebook i.e. Like, Invite and Share, we give you simply the best. And that is not all, with Facebook Viral Coupon, you can create new mailing lists by collecting email addresses when providing users with various offers and promotions like handing out eBook etc.

    Exclusive Bonus #4: OmniEngine (Personal License)

    OmniEngine is the Worlds 1st All-in-One WordPress Theme that build a viral news website at the click of few buttons in less than 10 min, Curate Content & Create & Track Powerful Facebook Ads Campaigns and Generates Revenue in 3 simple steps!Auto Design, Auto Content, Auto Traffic!Curate viral contents from close to 100 Top News website, 250 Niche article Categories and create powerful Facebook ads Campaign that generate loads of traffic with inbuilt Converting Headline templates used by Top Viral Content Sites like Buzzfeed, ViralNova e.t.c

    Have No Fear – Your Purchase is Backed with a Solid 30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

    We trust the competence and performance of the software we've built here that we're willing to bet on it.

    So, here's the deal...

    Go ahead now, purchase Viddipop, create your campaigns and deploy them on your active sites and marketing campaigns... if in the next 30 days, it didn't help you collect extra leads or generate more sales.

    Contact us with a proof (screenshot/video) that you used it and it didn't work for you, we'll fully refund you and apologize for wasting your time... yes, that's how much we trust the Viddipop platform.


    Viddipop Builds Converting Funnels and For This We Love Integrations Too. Integrate With Your Favourite Autoresponder and Start Blasting Away.

    This is your chance to get Viddipop for an
    Incredible Ultra-Reduced One-Time-Only Rate

    Normal Price: $67/month
    Early Bird Launch Special One-Time!


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